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The best Data plan for Jiofi

Friends, people who use JioFi are often in confusion about data plans, often people ask that what is the best plan for JioFi?

which is the best data plan for JioFi?

so in this blog, I will give you complete information about which is the best data plan for JioFi.

Friends, as you know, how did Jio bring the revolution of the Net in India, due to which internet and data were easily available to every person.

Earlier in India, people used to turn on their mobile data just for any important work and did not forget to shut down the data as soon as the work was finished.

but today the time changed and only a few times people turn off their mobile data and that too for the shake of Battery.

So today when people are always online, and they use a lot of data daily. it is very important for them to know which data plan can be best for them according to their needs.

In that too, there is always such a situation for people who use JIOFI that they recharge for both data and voice calls, but use only data.

Yes, you read absolutely right. There was a time when Jio was initially new – most, people did not have 4G phones.

at that time people used to use voice data as well as voice calls. In 3G phones, you had to download a Voice Call application separately and after that, you could also make calls with the help of JioFi

but in the last two-three years time has changed and today most people have 4G phones.

Nowadays, when most people are using their JioFi only to surf the net, they often think that they are recharging both data and voice calls but using only data, then their voice If the money given for the call goes waste,

so, today I am going to tell you about a plan in which you can only buy data for yourself,  and this is the best plan for JioFi users, who use data only.

The best plan for JIOFI 2020

Jiofi Best Data Plan 2020
Jiofi Best Data Plan 2020


Yes, you read absolutely right, the best data plan for JIOFI in 2020 is 251 rupees Cricket Pack.

Cricket Pack which is a newly launched data plan from Jio, this plan is for rupees 251 and in this, you get 2GB data per day, which means complete 102GB data every month.

Meaning you have to spend around ₹ 5 every day for 2GB data, Even after the 2GB data quota is exceeded, you get unlimited data at a speed of 64Kbps.

in this plan, you do not have any voice call or SMS facility.

This cricket pack plan can be used by JioFi users as well as normal mobile users if they want to use high-speed data more.

If seen, then this is the best plan for JioFi users because no other plan will give you 2GB high-speed data every day for ₹ 5.

On the other hand, if we compare this cricket pack plan with other famous plans, then you have a popular plan which is 599 in which you get 2 GB of data every day, it is valid for 84 days.

599 jio data plan
599 Jio data plan

Meaning you have to pay more than  ₹ 8 every day for 2GB high-speed data.

On the other hand, if you recharge for ₹ 555, you will get 1.5 GB of data every day for 84 days.

555 data pack jio fi
555 data pack Jio fi

Here also you will see that you have to spend close to ₹ 7 only for one and a half GB data per day.


Many people may get confused by the name of this pack that it is not a pack for cricket only.
So it is not at all like that, you can use the data given in this pack to surf any internet content.

jio fi cricket pack data
Jio fi cricket pack data

One more thing to keep in mind here is that if you need more than 2GB high-speed data,

then you can recharge this 251 cricket pack again or you can recharge 3 or 4 times if you need it too much.

If you recharge twice for ₹ 251, then you will get 4 GB data every day and if you recharge 3 times, for 251 you will get 6 GB data every day for 51 days.

JIOFI Best data plan FAQs 

Are Jiofi plans Different?

No, there is no separate plan for JioFi, whatever plan you use in your mobile, you can use all that in your JioFi device as well, but in 2020, a new plan has come in the name of Cricket Plan, which you can say, It is possible that this is the best plan for JioFi users.
In this ₹ 251 plan, you do not get any voice or SMS, but 2 GB data is available every day for up to 51 days.
But normal mobile users can also use this plan.


To know more about Jio’s plans you can visit the Jio website.

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